girls in trees

Alone is cold

People are very different. Especially men. Some like Rose better than me. Even if they are my age. Or older. Some definitely like Ruby better. If I were a man and if we were not related, I'd probably like her too. It's funny how we are all girls. Six sisters. No brother. I wouldn't have minded having a big brother. Or even a baby brother. I like boys. I'm not afraid.

I was getting used to being pushed around by all those people. What was that anyway? Some kind of party? They couldn't keep their hands off of us. But once I got used to it, I didn't mind at all. They were all very nice and didn't hurt us at all. Some even gave us gifts.
girls in trees

I'm so nervous!

I don't know what to think. On the one hand it feels like everybody's watching me at the moment. But on the other I haven't felt more alone before in my life. It's like there's little white eyes peering from between the trees. Hundreds of them. Thousands. They're just sitting there. Staring. I want to know what they think. But I don't dare to approach them. So we end up staring at each other.

There's so many of them, though. And only one of me.
girls in trees

Santa is going crazy

Brrr! Christmas is approaching fast and the house is a true whirlwind of activities. The kids are having exams. And getting good grades too. And the pile of wrapped gifts is just getting bigger and bigger. At least on television. Which is where you'll find me. In the eye of the storm. Nibbling on sweets. For once I don't need to chase anyone of the couch. The tv area is my empire. Not that I have any clue what I'm watching. And I sure wish the screen was a bit bigger. But it helps me dream. There's more snow on the tube than outside. Brings me in the holiday spirit.
girls in trees

Winter is coming

It's getting colder. Life is dying slowly. Hibernation. Time too get the wool sweaters from the closet. Time for huddling together. For warmth. For comfort.
Visible breath. Light up the camp fire. Keep me warm. Perhaps the fire will get hot enough to lose some of our layers.

I feel it will be a long long winter. The longest of my life.
girls in trees

Not alone?

Lately, when I walk on the path towards grandmother's, I get this feeling of being watched. I can't tell from which direction. And I don't see anyone. The forest is very dark. But I feel a gaze on me. Following me.
girls in trees

Fire is fun!

I had so much fun in the forest today! I found this stack of branches and twigs just waiting for somebody to light them. So I did!! It was so pretty and warm. Made we wish I wasn't alone, though. Made me wish I could have shared the warmth with somebody. Look into the flames together. Count the sparks. Be startled by sudden crackling and share the laughter. Look into each other's eyes and feel the warmth of the fire...

Now I've done it. I was so happy and now I'm all sad.
girls in trees

Finally: home!

Why did they put the bus stop so close to the forest?? Makes me have to walk all the way back to get home.
There's nothing out there anyway. It's just a lot of trees. It's dirty and it's dark. 

I'm home now. Took off my shoes immediately. They were killing me. What's the point of taking a bus if they're going to make you walk half the way?